Each year, there are many exciting advertising opportunities in our website.

Advertising stats

Exergy Tour is one of the most popular orgy sites around the globe. In 2018 there were:

  • 56,796 active online engagement
  • 3,548 articles
  • 317 videos
  • 2,838,839 online shares

Printed contents stats:

  • 375,000 copies of content printed
  • Distributed world wide from early June

Website statistics (based on June – August 2018):

  • Page impressions: 27,705,342
  • Unique visitors: 2,097,813

At Exergy Tour, we are committed to bold innovation in an ever-evolving media landscape. Our core value lies in the authentic engagement between our audiences and our contents, a connection driven by data and by premium story-telling expertise. We use the same approach to meet your advertising needs.

Our business solutions span virtually any available platform, from digital sites to social to video to print to OTT to experiential and more.

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