We tend to go on when we’re talking about our pet subject of exergytour.com, about how we can stop muddling through midlife and start mastering middlescence. Our web designer told us to keep the waffle short and sweet for the other pages. He said you’d get bored and leave the site.

If you’re still here and are itching to know more about exergytour.com, we hope you can find the answer to your questions below. If not, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!


Can I be on my oRgy and stay married?

Of course, you can. A solo oRgy can be great for personal growth.


Is exergytour.com for both men and women?

Yes. Absolutely. We, men and women, are in midlife together. Some struggles may be different. However, those struggles have an impact on each others’ lives. If we can understand each other better, we can support one another on mastering our middlescence.


What’s in the name exergytour.com?

Our site is a play on words based on “sex energy tour” that we made famous.


What makes you qualified to talk about all this stuff?

We are an “oldie,” a middlescent and answered yes to several questions on the midlife crisis symptoms quiz.

With over five years’ of experience as facilitators and executive coach in Europe and Asia, we are passionate about how quality 2-way conversations = stronger relationships = greater results.

By shaking up the conversations we have with ourselves and others, we envision making our middlescence (midlife + adolescence) something we embrace, look forward to, and live intentionally rather than deny and dread.