We tend to go on when we’re talking about orgies. Our web designer told us to keep the waffle short and sweet for the other pages. He said you’d get bored and leave the site.

If you’re still here and are itching to know more about this site and its contents, we hope you can find the answer to your questions below. If not, please drop us a message. We’d love to hear from you!


Can I be on my orgy and stay married?

Of course, you can. A solo orgy can be great for personal growth.

Is exergytour.com for both men and women?

Yes. Absolutely. Orgies consist of men and women. Some struggles may be different. However, those struggles have an impact on each others’ lives. If we can understand each other better, we can support one another.

What’s in the name exergytour.com?

Our site is a play on words based on “sex energy tour” that we made famous.

What makes you qualified to talk about all this stuff?

We are an “oldie,” a middlescent and answered yes to several questions on the midlife crisis symptoms quiz.

With over five years’ of experience as facilitators and executive coach in Europe and Asia, we are passionate about how we conduct and teach everyone about the basics of orgies and the proper etiquette one must exude when attending one.

By shaking up the conversations we have with ourselves and others, we envision making our activities something we embrace, look forward to, and live with intentionally rather than fear and dread.

Where did orgy originated?

From the prehistoric, civilization ensued, and with it came the newly erected cultures of ancient Mesopotamia, beginning with Sumer. Ishtar was the Sumerian analog to the Roman goddess known as Venus, and with them, these newly settled humans brought their old, orgiastic traditions of sex and fetility in hopes of living good lives under the gods and goddesses which were rather predisposed towards naughty behavior. Mesopotamian cults practiced ritualized prostitution and had temple prostitutes who served the gods through sex and sex alone, making them an early form of nuns, though nothing like the pious nuns we know today.

The Babylonian Empire would arise shortly after Sumer fell and became Akkadia, from which slightly different cultures emerged, and Babylon would reinvigorate the sex orgy with their Babylonian Fire Festivals, of which, ubridled sex between large groups of people were a part. These fertility festivals were often held annually, and serve as the foundational roots for the modern-day Easter, with Ishtar being worshipped as the ancient inhabitants would sexualize their religious beliefs and exercise them in the most erotic ways imaginable.

What are the basic etiquette one should keep in mind while joining orgies?

1. Ask Before Touching
2. Don’t Be a Creeper
3. Bring a Friend
4. Keep Up Basic Hygiene
5. Put Your Phone Away
6. Be Positive and Keep an Open Mind

How can one set the mood for an orgy?

At our parties, we put a lot of effort in the ambience. We string up lights and have aromatic candles in corners. We have a bunch of playlists curated for these nights. It’s mostly instrumental music like Kenny G. People are allowed to play their own music though, provided they give it to us in writing first. We listen to it first so that we know whether it’s worth playing for everyone. Prep work also includes stocking a stack of condoms and lubricant, mostly K-Y Jelly. People get creative and get their own lube replacements too—from Vaseline to ghee, everything goes.

We let the people come in and acquaint themselves. We have a common drinking session where we introduce ourselves. They will then know they are there for sex and they get to it almost immediately. From then on, we stand by and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Where can I sign up for an orgy?

Most entries come from dating sites for us. We have an account on Romeo, Scruff and Grindr. From these three platforms, we get a bunch of messages and then we have to go through each person (their profile) one at a time. Some of them have already been with us before so it’s easier now. But for new people, we have to be really cautious.

How many condoms do you run through in a night?

On an average, 30 to 40. But what is a task in itself is disposing the big bunch of condoms. That can raise suspicion. But sometimes, people are kind enough to clean up after themselves.

Are drugs and alcohol part of the party?

We strongly prohibit drugs. No poppers, no marijuana, no cocaine. No high fun. Alcohol, however, is permissible. But you buy and drink your own booze. A lot of these drug-inducecd sex parties have gone terribly awry and the first rule for our orgies is safety.