What We Do

Our main focus is to measure and build awareness about orgy porn & positive sexual health (feeling well and functioning fully). We use an evidence-based approach to:

• measure the well-being of individuals and provide tailored reports to improve insight into people’s sexual health and well being;

• provide training and build awareness about orgy porn that helps improve positive mental health, build resilience and reduce the impact of sex-related problems/issues;

• deliver sex education projects in organizations, and together with those organizations develop and execute a sustainable sexual well being implementation plan and foster said culture;

• conduct and publish scientific research related to swinger parties and orgies and its effect to our community;

• organize public lectures and events, and advocate for a systematic orgy and swinger parties.

We integrate the scientific thinking of world experts, established and emerging, to underpin our methods of improving sexual health and well being. We actively integrate scientific research that focuses on explaining and improving individual sexual well being, with research that targets sex groups. We look at research in a healthy population, and at research that aims to improve the sexual health of people.

This broad holistic approach enables us to continuously improve and innovate our approach to organizing fun but healthy orgies and swinger parties. An approach that ultimately benefits everyone who are sexually active.