Sex Party Secrets: Inside the World of Posh Orgies

What makes married couples, young single friends and seasoned sex addicts seek fleeting sexual experiences with a group of strangers? Welcome to the world of the self-proclaimed ‘sexual elite’ where VIP sex-style parties are the hottest newest trend.

Playrooms are not just reserved for characters in erotic novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey. A new trend emerging are ‘posh orgies’ whereby young, attractive, professional couples enter private houses, mansions and yachts, for a night of unbridled passion with a group of strangers.

Huge realm of possibility

Whether it’s boredom in their current relationship, a high sex drive or the distaste for monogamy, there are various reasons why someone gravitates towards these sex parties. But one thing is certain, it’s a liberating feeling for all. Christina, a regular sex party goer, states that when “you wake up in the morning, you’re just like, uh, what have I done? It’s this very liberating feeling.” And for Rose, “there’s an element of doing something that no one knows about, that’s quite exciting.”

The club

This new trend is taken seriously by event organisers like Emma Sayle, who put particular detail into the choice of venue, fee, and services available. Emma, who makes a sole living from organising these upscale orgies, charges around 200 pounds a couple ($400 AUD), for which there are a total of around 45,000 members at her club.

For event organiser Jon Blue, who organises invite-only orgies in English country estates with pristine decor and manicured lawns, he provides additional services such as a VIP room with a champagne and food bar and private tour of the house, for those members willing to splash the cash.

The appeal

While it’s a recent trend, it doesn’t look like it’s going to die out anytime soon. For 25-year-old Sandy, she can’t find anyone that she wants to call her boyfriend, however she does still want to be sexually active. Whereas for Louise, organiser of Pure Pleasure Parties in private villas and yachts in Ibiza, it all comes down to not believing in monogamy. “I think you can be living with more than one person. If I want to date a few people, I will do that. I will go with what feels right for me,” says Louise.


Not all orgies are the same. For Jon, he aims to provide a “very spectacular, kind of flamboyant performance with all the mystical creatures…..we’re going to have a mermaid in the pool and we’re having unicorns.”

Mutual respect

Privacy and security are two priorities on the minds of organisers. Louise states that orgies are “really for the elite. The phones are taken off people on the door. There’s no chance of being filmed at these parties.” For Sandy and her friend Poppy, they did see an orgy with around five couples on the same bed and having sex in several different positions. “You walked in and you had to be quiet, like it was a show”, says Poppy. “It was like you had to respect the performance,” adds Sandy.

Crazy antics

For married couple Charlotte and Frank, they’ve seen many crazy antics behind the walls of these elite gatherings. “Probably about 10 people all making love in one area all entwined,” says Frank. “Or what you can call a daisy chain where people are just linked,” notes Charlotte.


These orgies are called posh for a reason. The entry fee is quite expensive and there is a strict application process in place to ensure only the most well-groomed are accepted. Event organisers scour through photos and applications to determine who will enter these private parties. For Chris, it’s “obviously people that are stereotypically attractive that would appeal to most. So slim, pretty, muscley….that kind of thing. We have three, or two different rounds actually of selection. Then we have one big party at the end of the year, which is the best from all the ones throughout the year.”

For another event organiser Christina, they’re not strictly limited to any kind of type, but tend to “like blondes, little petite blondes, and big muscley blonde boys.”

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