Long Dildos for Insatiable Cravings

Women love the feeling of “fullness” both anally and vaginally and the reason being quite obvious. It makes one crave for more. But it’s not always possible to get hold of long thick dicks but when you have long dildo 123, it won’t be a concern for you.

Yes, you heard that right! A large dildo is an answer to all who fantasies inserting big and long inside them. The length and the girth are indeed intimidating and gives you abysmal pleasure and satisfaction which no other shape of dildo can. Be it vaginal or anal you can use it as you like.

Now you don’t need a man to experience the pleasure of orgasm. Just get a long dildo for yourself and enjoy long thick dildos getting through your orifices.

So what is a long dildo?

Any dildo that’s about 8 inches or longer are termed as long dildos.

Simply put, any dildo that is thick and can fill you entirely is a long dildo. The longer the better.  Long dildo 123 is indeed very impressive to look at and is really intimidating if you are ready for it.

Are there different types of long dildos?

Indeed there are different types of long dildos available in the market. But long dildos 123 is mainly of 3 types.

  1. Suction Cup dildo

These long dildos have a suction cup attached to the base. This opens the opportunity to try out different positions.  You can stick your dildos anywhere on the floor and tile walls, making your shower more fun and interesting.

  1. Vibrators

Long dildos are enough to give you the best orgasm of your life, but there are some that just push the limit further. Long Vibrating dildos! They are much more fun and erotic and more stimulating thus making every movement more exciting. You will be amazed to experience the height of orgasm.

  1. Double dildo

These are double penetration dildos which you can use to penetrate two long dildos simultaneously into your bodily orifice.  They are not only large in girth and length but are also flexible with dildos on both ends. Imagine how amazing it would feel being filled up both vaginally and anally.

Here are some of the tips for you to make sure you get the best pleasure by inserting long dildos 123.

Make sure it’s clean

You long dildo is going to explore the deepest internal regions of your body hence make sure it’s clean. Even if you are using a brand new one don’t forget to wash it in hot water and can even use a sex toy cleaner too.

In case you are sharing your dildo with your partner, make sure you clean it thoroughly before and after use and can also possibly use condoms to reduce the risk of STIs

Don’t use it without any lubricant

Thick and long-lasting lubricants are a must whenever you are experimenting with large sex toys. This is not only because it feels great to witness how easily these toys slide in effortlessly but also reduces the risk of injury and soreness.

When you are using a long dildo 123, it is necessary to use a ling lasting thick lubricant that won’t fade away within minutes after applying. There are water-based lubricants as well as silicone-based lubricants as well which is ideal if you are using it for the anal area. In case you have sensitive skin, there are many lubricants that are organic and paraben-free and vegan.

Be Gentle!

If you are new to long dildos, don’t lose your mind. It’s always better to start with something smaller then gradually work your way up. It may be difficult to insert large dildos at first so take it slowly then get into a position that will help to spread your body.

Start with foreplay or a warm-up as it reduces your chance of getting hurt.

Find the right position

Before using long dildo 123 it is important to be in a comfortable position so that you can insert it properly. Try lying on your back, then place a pillow under your rear to give it more height. This position helps the long dildo to slide it with ease.

In case you are not comfortable with this position, we have another position as well. Try to squat over the dildo or spread your knees and legs and put your sex toy underneath.

Listen to your body

In case you are feeling any pain or discomfort, it simply means your body is not yet ready for the dildo yet. Don’t force it rather apply some more lubricants and then use it.

Here you will find the best Long Dildos for Insatiable Cravings

Real Feel Deluxe No.12 Vibrating 12 Inch Dildo

If you want the combination of two in one dildo then, undoubtedly go for this one. This 12- inch long dildo is also considered as the mammoth of dildos with the biggest and baddest dong around. Designed with a suction cup at the base ensuring you can enjoy it hands-free you and is ideal for size queens who love to take it deep.

Doc Johnson Black Thunder Realistic Dildo 12 Inch

This 12-inch dildo is specifically designed with a curved shaft to hit the G-spot every time it gets inside you to give the maximum pleasure. Getting it’ s inspiration from famous adult film star Black thunder, this extra-long dong will make your wildest fantasy come true. It comes along with a suction cup at the base to give a hands-free experience.

 Curved 8.25 Inch Penis Vibrating Dildo

This long dildo is the one you will want to use over and over again and comes along with a vibrator. This dildo-vibrator hybrid toy delivers incredible sensations to please and tease your innermost sweet spot. This 8.25-inch long dildo has a curved mouth that helps to enjoy the more thrilling vaginal sensation.


So what are you waiting for? Get a long dildo for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of this divine energy. If you are going to get one, don’t just get a dildo from any store. Make sure to get one from a well-known store to ensure high-quality products just like what you can see at https://lovegasm.co/collections/long-dildo.

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