Are sex toys safe during pregnancy?

Most of the would-be moms and dads have a common dilemma- whether or not to use sex toys during pregnancy. The moot point here is –“Are sex toys safe during pregnancy?”

Well, in one line, “yes” sex toys are safe during pregnancy, provided you are having a normal no-complication pregnancy. From vibrators to dildos, you can use almost all kinds of adult toys while carrying. In fact, anal toys are especially safe during pregnancy. Just remember not to use anything on your vagina after you have used it inside your anus. If you are using any toy that can be used for both anus and vagina- make sure to clean it properly after using in anus before using it for vagina.

However, needless to mention, pregnancy is a delicate situation. Thus, you have to be extra cautious while using sex toys in such times. Here are some tips to follow to ensure safe and enjoyable sessions with sex toys while you are pregnant.

Be careful of the material

Avoid plastic toys that contain phthalates at any cost. Phthalates are toxic and dangerous for both the would-be mom & the fetus in the womb. It’s to stress here, phthalates have been found to have a link with several health problems, including infertility since these can disturb normal hormonal activity. Always check the package of a toy product before you use it. The ones without phthalates will always mention “Phthalate-free” on the package. If you don’t see such statements, avoid the product.

Besides, it’s better to avoid latex or rubber-made sex toys, especially when you are pregnant. These materials tend to absorb bacteria quickly and are a pain to clean. Latex products may also lead to allergic reactions.

It’s better to opt for silicone products instead. Sex toys made of silicone are anyday more hygienic and safer compared to toys made of other materials. Another good bit about silicone toys is their texture. Silicone feels almost like skin & creates a silky smooth sensation on touch. Moreover, unlike latex & rubber, silicone doesn’t absorb bacteria.

Keep your toys clean

When you are pregnant, your body is in a sensitive stage. A sensitive body is more prone to develop thrush from sudden hormonal changes. Thus, you must be extremely careful about cleaning the toys before & after you use them. Toys made of metal and silicone can be cleaned by boiling them in hot water for around 10 minutes. But you cannot immerse toys carrying vibrators in hot water. If it’s a vibrator, you can simply clean it under the tap with anti-bacterial soap. Be careful to rinse them properly as soapy residues on them can spell dangers for you. Besides, make sure to dry them thoroughly before you store them in a clean and dry place.

Use lubes

If you are planning to use sex toys during pregnancy, don’t forget the lubes. As mentioned previously, your body will be in a sensitive stage when you are pregnant. If you insert any foreign object inside the body in such times, it will hurt. Thus, experts have advised to keep the lubes handy everytime you insert or take out an adult toy. Go for pH balanced organic lubricants for utmost safety. Avoid oil-based ones and instead focus on silicone or water-based options. Do not use any lubricant that contains any sort of flavor or scent or colors.

Be gentle with the usage

Don’t forget, your cervix will be in a fragile state during pregnancy and dildo is always harder than penis. Thus, while penetrating, you have to be really slow & gentle to avoid any risks of injury or pain. Moreover, try to avoid nipple clamps since your breasts will be extremely sensitive in such times.

Follow the tips above to enjoy a safe ride with sex toys during pregnancy.

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