69 Fun, Freaky, and Frightening Sex Facts

This isn’t sex-ed. This is a fun and freaky way to spend your coffee break or bus ride. It’s a collection that has everything from STIs to fetishes to body info. Enjoy!

Oh, and I guess I should label this NSFW, just in case.




  1. Men have a “g-spot”. It’s called the P-spot (prostate), and it’s located under the bladder. Stimulating it can result in some pretty intense orgasms.
  1. It’s rare to have an orgasm at the same time as your partner (despite what the movies make us think).
  1. Sex burns off an average of about 100 calories per escapade. Around 100-200 for men and around 69 for women. Heehee.
  1. Having sex makes you want more sex. So, if you’re suffering from a low sex drive, sometimes just going through with it once (consensually) can help light the fires again.
  1. A quarter of all penises are slightly bent when erect.

  1. For women, blood flow to the hippocampal region helps improve memories. Sex gets the blood pumping. Well, so can exercise, but sex is much more fun!
  1. Period sex is awesome. Many people shy away from sex with Aunt Flow, but there are many benefits.
  1. For 75% of men, ejaculation happens within 3 minutes of penetration.
  1. However, for ladies, it takes up to 20 minutes with intercourse.
  1. BUT when women take matters into their own hands, masturbation whittles it down to only 4 minutes.
  1. Warm feet = easier orgasm. Apparently, if you’re feet are cold, it’s harder to climax.
  1.  A single man has enough sperm in his body to impregnate every woman on the planet.
  1. 1/3 of people in their 80’s still has sex (if they’re physically able to). And don’t go “EW!” because one day, you’re going to be old and horny too. Deal with it.
  1. During the course of your life, you’ll probably spend around 20,160 minutes kissing.
  1. Ejaculate can contain ascorbic acid, nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, inositol, glutathione, creatine, cholesterol, pyruvic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid, Vitamin B12, salts, and various enzymes.
  1. If you’re under 40 and can’t get an erection in under 10 seconds, you might have erectile dysfunction problems.
  1. The clitoris has double the amount of nerve endings – coming in at a whopping 8000.
  1. Dendrophilia means you’re turned on by trees.
  1. Feet and shoes are the most popular fetish in western culture.
  1. Survey’s show that lesbians have more orgasm compared to hetero couples because they focus more on oral sex.

  1. Some women can have an orgasm through nipple stimulation.
  1. Shaving your pubes can cause small micro-tears, which then make you more susceptible to infection or STIs.
  1. 70% of people say they have thought about other people while doing the horizontal mambo.
  1. Men’s first squirt of ejaculate can travel 28 miles per hour (45km)
  1. One out of every six Americans aged 14 to 49 has a genital herpes HSV-2 infection.
  1. For women, fingers and vibrators are the most common penis-shaped masturbation device. Care to guess what’s the third most common?
  1. …Candles.
  1. The average vagina is three to four inches long.
  1. The vagina can expand by 200 percent when a woman gets horny. So, guys, NOW do you get why women say girth and technique is more important than length.
  1. When she orgasms, the vagina can then shrink down 30%.
  1. High levels of stress can utterly destroy your sex drive.
  1. Men can have erect nipples when they’re aroused too.
  1. We know that parts of our body swell up during intercourse – things like your breasts and genitals etc. But did you know the inside of your nose swells up too?
  1. Apparently, Iraq and Egypt have the highest porn watching rates. Which is surprising considering their extreme views on sexuality.
  1. Orgasms release a flood of natural chemicals – which can, in turn, help with many other health problems like blood pressure or migraines etc.
  1. Orgasms also release chemicals called oxytocin and dopamine which is needed for “pair bonding” aka. feeling closer to your partner. No to be confused with marriage.
  1. A woman’s pain threshold increases during sex.
  1. Rumor is, the longer a man’s ring finger is in comparison to the index finger, the more testosterone he has. Hmmm, myth or scientific fact?
  1. Only 5% of the population have sex once a day.
  1. 20% have sex 3-4 times a week.
  1. Acrotomophilia is the sexual attraction to people with amputations.
  1. If a female ferret does not have sex for a year, she will die. – I know it’s an animal fact, but it was too good to leave out.
  1.  Apparently, women can make their voice sexier to attract a mate (no surprise there), but men don’t have this ability.
  1. Orgasms are like sneezes. Once they start, you can’t stop them.
  1. Men can get yeast infections too.
  1. In the 19th Century, “Dr. Young” claimed that his anal dilators could cure insanity.
  1. There’s more than one kind of orgasm.
  1. There are over 18 types of birth control available to men and women.
  1. Ancient birth control used many ingredients which have properties similar to modern contraceptives. Eg. acacia gum, which has spermicidal qualities.
  1. Ancient civilizations also used crocodile dung to stop pregnancy. Ew.
  1. Sex in water is very unhygienic.
  1. Between 1533 and1861, anal sex was punishable by death in England and Wales.
  1. Not every woman is capable of “squirting”.
  1. People in Britain search “spanking” more than any other country.
  1. You CAN have sex during pregnancy (although there are some conditions).
  1. Many people don’t use protection when performing oral sex. Uncool.
  1. A man’s general health directly relates to his sperm health.
  1. Maschalagnia is the sexual attraction to armpits.
  1. The oldest “dildo” was found in Germany and is around 28,000 years old. Although some experts argue it was used for something other than a sex toy.
  1. The key to comfortable anal sex is LUBE and RELAXATION.
  1. You can train your gag reflex to handle deep throating better (if you want).
  1. The international regulations around sex toys are abysmal. If you see a toy labeled “novelty”, don’t buy it. Chances are it contains dangerous materials. Some have been found to contain lead or even cadmium.
  1. Do you get turned on when you see tattoos or body piercings? You might have a Stigmatophilia fetish.
  1. Data-mining from certain dating apps suggests that Thailand has the highest rate of infidelity.
  1. American ranks first for the number of people who are into BDSM.
  1. The Vatican has the 2nd highest number of Whiplr users in Italy. Rome comes in first. HA!
  1. A milk protein is used in most condom manufacturing. Sorry vegans.
  1. Put sperm on your face to help with wrinkles (many anti-wrinkle creams use similar compounds found in sperm).
  1. In Canada, before 1969, oral sex wasn’t actually “legal”.


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